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The true charm of Tartu reveals itself when you take the off-road and end up in unique neighborhoods filled with street art and authentic early-20th century wooden architecture. Explore cozy and vibrant environments – learn about history and fascinating stories behind artworks – comprehend the development and the essence of Tartu’s unique cultural scene.

Take a peek into Karlova’s street art & history tour!



Tiara Christenson, US:

This is one of the best tours I’ve been on. Even though it wasn’t the usual day we called up Salme and she took us around Karlova to show us some street art and explain the historical components of this part of the city. It was great to see something other than the old town, and the architecture and art is very interesting. You will also get lots of good tips on what else you can do in this city. Salme runs the street art festival for Estonia, so she can give you background info for local artists and what to see in other cities as well. Highly recommend!

Laurent Stéchlé, FR:

Super discovery of street art in the Karlova area of Tartu with the sparkling and passionate Salmé who will leave a beautiful graffiti on our souvenirs of Estonia. Obviously she speaks English but also French and possibly many other language as she comes across as a citizen of the world.
We recommend!!!

Super découverte du street art dans le quartier de Karlova de Tartu avec Salmé la pétillante et passionnée qui laissera un beau graffiti sur nos souvenirs de L’Estonie. À noter que Salmé nous a fait la visite dans un excellent Français.

Bugand Hun, Singapore:

We engaged Agnieszka for a 2-hour tour of Tartu. There were seven of us. She was able to connect with us really quickly and she was clear in her explanation. She was knowledgeable about Tartu and Estonia and was able to answer all our questions. It was evident that she was doing it out of passion and not for income. Three days after the tour, I WhatsApped her a photograph of a tree that was in full bloom, to ask her what tree that was. I was surprised that she actually bothered to do some research on the tree and replied me! I highly recommend her!

Ekaterina Grechanaya, RU:

It was really good! Lot’s of useful information, helpful advice from the guide where to go and what to do, very vivid and brisk stories about Tartu and its people! Thanks a lot! Without it I would have another feeling of the city, definitely not complete.

Marta Markote, LV:

Street art tour was truly amazing!
It is one of the best ways how to get to know and understand Tartu way better.
This tour made me fall in love to Tartu once again!

Yi, Hong Kong:

I’ve joined the “Twisted History” tour guided by Agnieszka in late July. She was enthusiastic and informative. I can feel that she really like this city and wanted to share everything she knows with us. Thank you for your interesting tour.

Yoanna Stefanova, SL:

Thanks Salme! We very much enjoyed the tour, spotted some very interesting street art and learned a lot about the city we would never have learned otherwise. Enjoy the EHA this evening!

Jazmina Cininas, AU:

Salme is genuinely committed to promoting street art in Tartu and has first-hand insights into many of the pieces visited on the tour. Agnieszka’s city tour is also terrific, presented by someone who arrived in Tartu five years ago and has clearly fallen in love with the place.

Aina Ferrer, ES:

The tour was super complete and Salme is a very interesting guide, since she knows a lot about the city and it’s art world. I would definitely recommend it! It is a very nice way to know some things about Tartu that a standard tourist tour would miss.

Yvette Koning, NL:

We really loved our street art tour through Tartu. We had the chance to experience and explore Tartu in a different way, through learning about Tartu’s street art and the stories behind.

James Sienkiewicz, US:

On the surface, Tartu is a beautiful riverfront city. However, the true enchantment of Estonia’s second city is hidden underneath. There may be no quicker way for the outsider to be introduced to the scene than by taking this tour through the epicenter of the Tartu Street Art scene. Salme, our enthusiastic guide, led us through the Karlova neighborhood, describing the past and present of this urban art form. On a personal level, she taught me the now clear difference between art and graffiti. After the tour was finished, I began noticing the art all over the city, making me feel like a member of the in-group. For those who seek to understand the real Tartu, this tour is a must do!

Mart Varik, EST:

Had a real fun time. Met new people, saw new corners of Tartu. The guide was super helpful and took care of us even when it was almost -20 degrees outside

Aileen, Canada:

Traveled from Canada to Tartu to enjoy a unique experience walking through the Karlova district to learn about the history, culture and street art scene. Salme was knowledgeable, humorous and provided insights we thoroughly appreciated. Highly recommend this alternative tour.

Jana, EST:

I’ve visited Tartu several times and seen some graffity, but never thought of it further more. It was fun and alternative way to see the city. I’d reccommend this to everybody who’s into art in general or into street art. This street art tour makes you notice that sort of art more and I’ve already seen more art in my homw town as well.

Diana Lõhmus, EST:

The tours are useful both to local people and outsiders. You can discover Tartu from different perspective and also get to know the “rules” of street art in general. Salme is enthusiastic about street art and makes enjoyable tours.

Susanne, DE:

We did the street art tour as a family with two teenagers.
It was fun and interesting for all of us to see Tartu from another perspective.

Ludmila Borodulina, LV:

Помимо посещения музея пива и аквапарка, мы были на увлекательной и познавательной псевдо-экскурсии (Tartu Pseudo Tour) по хипстерскому району Карлова и познакомелись с весьма фундаментальными работами уличных художников. Было интересно, необычно. Несмотря на пронизывающий холод, удовольствие от общения с девушкой-гидом было получино.

Translation: In addition to visiting the museum of beer and water park, we were on a fascinating and informative pseudo-tour (Tartu Pseudo Tour) in the hipster district of Charles and poznakomelis with some very fundamental works of street artists. It was interesting, unusual. Despite the bitter cold, the pleasure of communicating with a girl-guide was assuring.

Dan Mikkin, Estonia:

We enjoyed a tour guided by Salme Liivrand in October 2015. On that fortunate sunny day, in the course of couple of hours we walked through a comparatively small part of Tartu, from downtown to Karlova. But this short walk was really intense – one could clearly see, that it’s not just a vibrant hub of street art, but this scene is encouraged and partly curated by the local government.

Salme gave us a short introduction to the basic terminology and valuation – what is street art, what is graffity, what are the basic techniques. We learned the distinctive handwritings of different local artists, were shown some works by visiting talents (Tartu hosts the annual street art festival Stencibility). Every mural we focused on was given a thorough background story, adding them quite some depth.

A very educational – as well as aesthetically enjoyable – autumn stroll.

Andrei B, LV:

“Жизнь города”
Интересный и своеобразный рассказ про город, его старую часть, куда не водят привычные гиди. Теперь по другому смотрим на уличные рисунки – граффити. В них глубокий смысл (но не во всех)

Translation: “City Life”
Interesting and unique story about the city, its old part where guides usually don’t take visitors. We had a look at the street drawings – graffiti, and learned that they have a deep meaning (but not all of them).

Nele Behaeghel, Belgium:

I discovered so many places that I didn’t know of, even though I have been living here for some months already! Salme is a really great and knowledgeable guide. Definitely recommend!

Montana Torrey, US:

I highly recommend taking a street art tour with Salme! It’s an excellent introduction to street art in Tartu and a great way to get to know more about the city and its artists.

Students from Tartu Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium:

It was interesting to learn about the background of the artworks, this helps to understand better the whole picture.

I got to know the meaning of “bombing”.

By analyzing the artwork in the yard of the Artists House, I got to know how street artists exchange signs of respect.

It was interesting to learn more about stencilling.

I got to know how the artist MinaJaLydia signs their work. This helps me to recognize these artworks.

The educational stroll was interesting and informative, now I look at the artworks from a different angle.