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The true charm of Tartu reveals itself when you take the off-road and end up in unique neighborhoods filled with street art and authentic early-20th century wooden architecture. Explore the cozy and vibrant environments – learn about fascinating stories behind the artworks and buildings – comprehend the development and essence of Tartu’s underground cultural scene.

In August Pseudo Tours will be on a month long expedition in Czech Republic, back in September with new stories!

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Tiara Christenson, US:

I was told to walk around Karlova, but I would not have understood the history or culture without this tour. I was able to admire art, learn about the history of Tartu, and experience some local culture all at once. Thanks for a wonderful day!

Diana Lõhmus, Estonia:

The tours are useful both to local people and outsiders. You can discover Tartu from different perspective and also get to know the “rules” of street art in general. Salme is enthusiastic about street art and makes enjoyable tours.

Dan Mikkin, Estonia:

We enjoyed a tour guided by Salme Liivrand in October 2015. On that fortunate sunny day, in the course of couple of hours we walked through a comparatively small part of Tartu, from downtown to Karlova. But this short walk was really intense – one could clearly see, that it’s not just a vibrant hub of street art, but this scene is encouraged and partly curated by the local government.

Salme gave us a short introduction to the basic terminology and valuation – what is street art, what is graffity, what are the basic techniques. We learned the distinctive handwritings of different local artists, were shown some works by visiting talents (Tartu hosts the annual street art festival Stencibility). Every mural we focused on was given a thorough background story, adding them quite some depth.

A very educational – as well as aesthetically enjoyable – autumn stroll.

Nele Behaeghel, Belgium:

I discovered so many places that I didn’t know of, even though I have been living here for some months already! Salme is a really great and knowledgeable guide. Definitely recommend!

Montana Torrey, US:

I highly recommend taking a street art tour with Salme! It’s an excellent introduction to street art in Tartu and a great way to get to know more about the city and its artists.

Students from Tartu Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium:

It was interesting to learn about the background of the artworks, this helps to understand better the whole picture.

I got to know the meaning of “bombing”.

By analyzing the artwork in the yard of the Artists House, I got to know how street artists exchange signs of respect.

It was interesting to learn more about stencilling.

I got to know how the artist MinaJaLydia signs their work. This helps me to recognize these artworks.

The educational stroll was interesting and informative, now I look at the artworks from a different angle.